Effective human capital management equates increased profitability and organizational success since it reduces recruitment and training costs besides improving retention of knowledge and experience. Strong learning through a training and development environment makes a definite, positive impact on the people.

Hiring Partner offers a plethora of training modules- vocational/technical and practical skills, on-boarding process for freshers, besides on-the-job training to improve your overall competencies.

Special Programs

For freshers that run through the labyrinth of screenings and aptitude tests and shapes them up with specific courses conducted by strategic training partners to make them fit and productive from day one of employment.

Regular Programs

A variety of assessment programs like Personality, Intelligence, Administrative, Leadership and Career capacity apart from workshops for assessment of skills and organizational effectiveness of key resources.These Training Programs besides familiarizing the candidates with regular skill sets for the knowledge segment also cover a gamut of learning areas which include:

  • Confidence and skills enhancement.
  • Personality Development.
  • Planning and Managing Skills.
  • Decision making and problem-solving.

Employee Empowerment Programs

To build critical skills and knowledge of employees, helping them keep up to date with regulatory changes and emerging trends apart from networking with peers at other organizations to broaden their perspective.

Hiring Partner can also work with your organization to identify business issues and the developmental needs of your people to create customized and measurable training solutions. These programs range from specific training solutions to complete management of the training and development function.

You can also chose modules for updating and upgrading your skillsets , technology legacy and leadership workshops to improve your capacity, capability and performance.

Customized Programs

Hiring Partner can work with your organization to map your training requirements to map your requirements and develop or implement training programs.The Training offered could be tailored to meet your requirements, bespoken or off the shelf covering all aspects of HR. These training programs are delivered by an expert team with diverse industry experience.

What's more, Hiring Partner also conducts regular In-House Training programs for their Team to equip them with the changing market trends and HR requirements.