HR Solutions

Hiring Partner provides complete and confidential and a very aggressive global search for management positions (Board and CEO services), corporate liasoning, transition management and consultancy services covering a wide range of industry sectors and functional disciplines.

All these clients are introduced to the prospective employers with a generic resume and under the Hiring Partner name to ensure 100% confidentiality. This ensures that the executives keep their job search absolutely confidential and prevents mass dissemination of their resume which may create issues at their workplace or devalue their consideration.

With the world becoming a circle closer and organizational agility emerging as the most important perquisite, Hiring Partner has consistently worked towards an optimal alignment of human capital with management objectives and has a proven track record of placing senior level professionals to catalyze a positive change.

Temporary and Contract Staffing

Hiring Partner offers flexible, responsive and temporary/contract staffing to meet your requirements.

Ideal, if you are looking at:

Project-Based Staffing

If your organization / business is starting a new venture and you need extra help and organizational support and optimal utilization of funds, Hiring Partner has the perfect solution for you with customized packages to help you meet the demands, on time at optimal costs.

Direct-Hire Staffing

If you need to fill a permanent position and don't find the time/resources to sift through applications, Hiring Partner can help. Working with you to understand your objectives, the team can find you the right fit .

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Hiring Partner can handle the entire gamut of the recruitment process- ranging from a simple candidate identification to HR functions through onboarding, saving valuable time and costs for you.

What's more, Hiring Partner can also customize this process for you tailored to your organizational goals to ensure performance excellence, every step of the way.
RPO is ideal, if you are facing:

Payroll Services

Payroll service is a tool to help you stay focused on what really matters: running your business. Handling your own employee payroll means ensuring that you meet the demands of your people across issues that concern them- insurance to benefits and taxes.

Hiring Partner has tailor-made solutions to help you cut down costs, prioritize fund allocation and hence save time.