HR Services

Finding, hiring and retaining talent is no mean task. The HR manager faces multiple issues like:

Hiring Partner can work with you at all levels to create transformed workplaces through a multitude of unique solutions.

Talent Sourcing

Hiring Partner works on well-defined and progressive hiring practices and sophisticated personnel policies that promote employee morale and retention, creating value.

The Hiring Partner Methodology

Hiring Partner leverages its networking strength, business relationships and sourcing strategies to ensure instant connect with exceptional talent. Since multiple sourcing strategies are used, especially to unearth passive candidates, up to 90% first time fill rate is ensured.

Liaising begins with client teams and third parties and the broader network of industrial resources, web, referrals and cold calling.

Hiring Partner also adopts several benchmarking surveys to constantly evaluate clients/candidates against industry standards.

Consulting and coaching services –right from interview training, to job reviews and assessment are provided for.

The Process

Applicant Tracking

Background Checks

Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions outlining the skills and requirements clearly.

Advertising for Candidates

Hiring Partner can help you with all the communication you need to create awareness and interest in your organization, provide a clear understanding of the organization structure and culture, and the role linkages to help you access target-specific segments of professionals through specified media.

Response Management/Interviews/Appointments

A crucial part of the recruitment methodology it resolves issues like structuring the assessment of the prospective candidate. Hiring Partner helps by:

Being lean and manageable, the Hiring Partner team maintains hands-on involvement at all levels even as it helps in responding to the ever-changing market place and deliver operational excellence.