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Hiring Partner is a business service offered by Quadruple Business Services -the name behind all things technology. Located in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, this conglomerate has its core business interests in software services, education and HR besides social media, design and related creative services.The story of Quadruple is a history of achievement and growth - synonymous with excellence.


Quadruple Business Services offers a host of technological solutions well aligned with business objectives to reduce costs and increase productivity. With a clientele that extends across the length and breadth of the globe, QBS offers a multitude of solutions that includes:

Technology Solutions across different platforms that includes and is not limited to:

Technology Services

Creative Services

With astute management and keen understanding of the world markets,QBS has consolidated and capitalized on its technological expertise and global links to look ahead with confidence to a dynamic future and an increased role in the world markets.

Quadruple Automation Services Private Limited (QAS)

A spin-off from the parent company- Quadruple Business Services, the core focus of this organization is on design, deployment and maintenance of high-end manufacturing systems.
QAS expertise extends across multiple verticals that includes and is not limited to food and beverage, pharma and automobile industries.
To know more, just log on to: www.quadrupleautomation.com

Quadruple Education Network Private Limited (QEN)

This entity was created to work in the field of education and improve human capital productivity and operational excellence besides enabling learning.
To know more, log on to: www.quadrupleeducationnetwork.com